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Hello Future Graduates!

AmeriStudy is a strategic network of accredited private universities and colleges and partner high schools in America who are top choices for international students who are considering study in America. Through the AmeriStudy website, international students can find specific information about campus programs all across the United States, links to applications for international enrollment, testimonials from other international students, as well as valuable scholarship information. International students can gain an edge to find just the best fit for them as they pursue higher education.

Want To Boost your ACT or SAT Scores for University Acceptance?

AmeriStudy is pleased to announce the availability soon of VIDEO AND STUDY HELPS for students wanting to increase their ACT or SAT scores. Coming in mid-December will be a dedicated section, on this AmeriStudy Partners site, set up by our new Partner, George Mizzell. George is one of the most successful ACT and SAT prep tutors in the USA!  He will provide engaging materials for learning how to take the tests successfully, how to move quickly toward the correct answers by learning how to spot what is being asked for, reading the items faster, and making available more practice tests and reviews that allow students to be familiar with the sections of each test. Get ready to help yourself with your application by having an impressive score! These HELPS will benefit any student applying for any of the more than 2,000  universities in the USA! COMING SOON!! 


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